We know that when one plans to camping, all they have in mind is to make great memories, experiences and one of the best times in their lives on that tour and that is the reason why we believe in creating the perfect camp plans according to their interests. Although, we have a big list of different Adventure Packages but on the desire of clients we are always open to make any changes to them, to make clients happy by fulfilling their desires.

We bring the fun to you!

Adventure at your Door Step

We at Wilderness India have a special package for people who want adventure at their door step. All we need is your space and your permission. We organize adventure activities in artificial environment.

We will make sure that you have a thrilling and fun experience

  • Rock climbing on our artificial rock climbing wall which can be set up in school and society play grounds.
  • Building rappelling where you can rappel down a school building or residential buildings. In fact this is even more fun as some buildings are huge and rappelling down straight from that height is truly thrilling. Our safety functions will always be in place.
  • Valley crossing between two buildings.
  • Ascending up a tall building with jumarring technique.
Education with Nature

Educational Programs

Wilderness India has designed special educational programs for school children of all age groups. Environmental education is now taught as a compulsory subject in all schools and we have experts who delivers talks on ecology, environment, and conservation related issues. Our team has environmental educators who share practical on-field knowledge during our school tours as well as indoor class room knowledge via slide shows, environment related debates, motivational lectures on life and adventures in the Himalayas, workshops on ecology,directing plays for annual functions in schools for environmental awareness, competitions based on environment conservation themes etc.

Where Birds & Butterflies teach lessons of the forest Sometimes, just a few days can make lifelong memories. This Diwali vacation can be those few days when you can go deep into the lush green dang forest with Wilderness India. You will be staying in one of the most dense areas of the dang forest in a beautiful natural environment. Tents and tree houses set up on the banks of the Purna river will prove a more than perfect set up to host you. In such a dense forest where the sunlight hardly hits the ground, wake up calls will be given by the chirping of birds and good night wishes will be delivered by crickets. The local biodiversity of butterflies, insects and birds will take you to a wonderland that till date existed only in your imagination.

Get knowledge with Nature

School Tours

Wilderness India organizes special nature education and adventure tours for school students. Every school has an environment education as a subject and wilderness-India has specially designed programs which can be taught with this subject. Special informative lectures, slide shows and nature and environment related documentaries are shown in interactive sessions which are conducted on special requests by the school.

We organize a wide range of tours for schools students of all age groups.One day trips to nearby places where bird watching, butterfly watching, tree plantation, snake awareness programs are done for school students for smaller age groups.

Stay Fit with Nature

Cycling Trips

Wilderness India believes in a healthy lifestyle. The team of Wilderness India goes on regular cycle trips to the forests of dang to promote environment awareness and teach the local tribes of dang the importance of their forest. Cycling not only has environmental benefits but also improves physical fitness and healthy thinking.

Cycling has various benefits such as:

  • Decreases CO2 concentrations in the environment
  • Decreases noise pollution
  • Less consumption of petrol
  • Reduced traffic jams
  • Weight control
  • Keeps blood pressure under control
  • Improves muscular strength and many more such benefits.

You can call us and join us on our cycling trips to the forests of dang where our “paddle for a better future” programs are conducted.